Keeping in Touch: Save Money on International Calls

Keeping in Touch: Save Money on International Calls

Keeping in contact with family and friends when you are away from home is always important, but especially so if you are in a different country. It can be difficult to do this affordably, but there are ways of making inexpensive phone calls abroad, allowing you to stay in touch wherever you may be.

Trying to stay in contact with loved ones when abroad can be difficult, in no small part because of the costs applied to international phone calls by many landline and mobile service providers. This does not mean that it has to be prohibitive to your efforts to make calls to long-distance foreign locations and there are many ways to get round the obstacle of high cost, allowing you to contact your friends and family abroad as often as you would like. Provided below are some tips for getting the best deals on international calls.

Websites Offering Cheap Calls:

One of the first options available for making cheap phone calls abroad is the number of websites that provide codes and specialised services, which enable users to find ways to avoid the worst of the costs to make calls at discounted rates. Many of these websites offer options for both landline and mobile providers, which often involve dialling a certain code before calling the number of the person who you actually want to reach. Some sites are truly global, with deals for practically every country worldwide, while others specialise at a continental, regional or national level. It is worth investigating multiple sites to find the one that offers the best deal for your personal requirements.

Online Communications:Another alternative for keeping in touch with friends and family abroad is to use the internet directly. There are many services that allow for voice and even video calls to be made via the web, therefore incurring no phone charges. Perhaps the best way to utilise this is in an internet caff, where it is possible to pay for a certain amount of time on the computer so you can check your e-mails or social networking profiles, as well as being able to chat with your loved ones. The only downside of this is that it requires both parties to have internet access and, for good quality, uninterrupted contact, a strong connection, preferably fibre-optic broadband, is necessary.Specialised Service Providers:

If the internet does not provide a solution to the problem of international communications, there is a third possibility that can allow people to make cheap phone calls abroad at reduced rates. These are specialised service providers, usually reserved for mobile phones, which offer a special SIM card that facilitates cheaper calls abroad. In addition, it is possible to reduce the cost further by taking on a tailor-made contract that has reduced costs for one specific country, which is ideal if you have traveled abroad but most of your family and friends reside in one nation. Again, shopping around may prove to be crucial in order to ensure that you get the best deal possible, especially if you are able to adjust it to 

Your individual requirements:

Overall, although the costs associated with international phone calls may at first seem daunting and restrictive, there are several options to allow you to keep in contact with your loved ones without breaking the bank. For starters, the internet is a great resource full of direct communication methods as well as ways to reduce the cost of conventional phone calls, but do not dismiss the use of specialist mobile phone service providers as an alternative way of staying in touch.AUTHOR BIO:
Donna Baxter writes regularly on the subject of phone calls abroad for a number of online publications. Having traveled all over the world, Donna understands the importance of being able to call home on a budget.

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