Link Building 2013 – The Do’s and Don’ts

What else can be said about link building? If you think you know everything, the truth is that such techniques will change on a regular basis, mostly because the search engines are constantly changing their algorithms. For instance, an aggressive link building campaign used to be a very effective way to get backlinks, improve the page rank and get a better position in the search engine result pages. Today, such a campaign is no longer a good idea. No one can contest the benefits of some organic links coming from websites in the same domain or the same niche. But when you end up with hundreds of even thousands of links from low quality directories of websites, you will be penalized.

Other than that, picking the right techniques also depends on what kind of website you run. If you have a blog, you will definitely have more techniques at your disposal compared to static websites or even online stores. There are numerous strategies you should adopt, but also a lot of useless ideas that will only harm your business.

What do I need to do?

The content is still the most valuable aspect in the process, so as long as you create useful content, your users will love reading or talking about it. They will redirect to you in a natural and organic way. Other than that, try to commercialize a good service. People recommend good services further, so pick something you would tell a friend about. The web directories are presented like a sword with two cuts. If you rely on low quality names, your backlinks will harm you, even if you get thousands of them. There are plenty of such directories and removing thousands of links later can be impossible. Therefore, look after the good and solid names out there, such as Yahoo or Dmoz.

Link building can also be done by getting in touch and networking with influent individuals in your industry. Make some connections and raise to their expectations. Don’t hesitate to involve in relevant discussions as well on various blogs or forums.

What should I avoid?

But what should you stay away from? What kind of techniques can take your website down in the long run? First of all, avoid the self called SEO friendly directories. They are just as bad as the general ones with an obvious low quality. Just because they call themselves SEO friendly, it doesn’t mean that they will actually help your website.

Leaving comments left and right with your website in the profile description is a decent idea to earn some backlinks, but not when the websites you rely on have nothing in common with your content. Therefore, concentrate on websites in the same industry. The same rule applies to link exchange opportunities. Don’t just exchange links with everyone, but only with others in the same field.

Finally, keep in mind that all those softwares promising the world for amazing prices will do exactly what you are not supposed to do. Stay away from those programs that promise thousands of backlinks for just a few bucks.

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Adam is an SEO Link builder working for one of the leading SEO Reseller company. He loves to keep himself updated with the latest search engine optimization tactics.

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