Make a Facebook Post at the Same Time of Day in All Time Zones

Facebook Post at the Same Time of Day in All Time Zones

Facebook Post at the Same Time of Day in All Time Zones

Make a Facebook Post at the Same Time of Day in All Time Zones, There are certain times of day when people are most active on Facebook, and targeting your posts during these times will help you to reach the most number of fans and increase your user engagement. But what do you do when you have fans that are all over the world? If you know that fans are most active at 7 p.m., does that mean you only post at 7 p.m. in your local time? Or do you keep posting the same update to hit that time frame in the local time zone of all your fans (very impractical)?

There is an easier option. There are two primary ways that you can post your updates at the same time of day in the time zones of all your fans. Here’s what you need to know:

Facebook Post at the Same Time of Day in All Time Zones


News Feed Targeting

When you publish a post, you can choose to limit its visibility in the news feed of your fans. You can do this by selecting the option just below your status update box. It lies between the option to add a time stamp to your post and the option to add a location. You can select the location to target the post, and your options are limited to countries. Once you choose the country you want, just click “post.”

In order to take advantage of news feed targeting, you have to turn on the option in your account settings. You can find the option under “Edit page” at the top of your page. Choose “manage permissions” and then “post privacy gating.”

It is important to remember that choosing news feed targeting will only limit the visibility of your posts in the news feed. That means that if people visit your page directly, they will see all those duplicate posts that were meant to be targeted to specific time zones. If they have notifications turned on for your page, they will also receive a notification every time you post, whether you have targeted it for news feeds or not.

Post Gating

Post gating is a more practical option for targeting your posts by time zone. The option for post gating lies just to the left of the “post” button. There is a drop down menu whose default setting is “public.” Pull down the menu and select the location you want to target. You can even choose the exact city.

When you select your options for post gating, your update will only appear to those people, whether they see it in the news feed or they are looking at your page. That means that only the people you want to see the post will see the post. Post gating also allows you to schedule the time for publishing your post. That means that you can ensure your post will appear at the exact time you want it to.

You must turn on post gating the same way that you will turn on news feed targeting. Facebook Post at the Same Time of Day in All Time Zones.

If you want to make sure that your posts are seen at the right time and are targeted to your fans appropriately, use these two options to make sure they are appearing at the same times across your time zones. Taking this simple step will help you to get more engagement on your page and increase traffic to your site.


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