Mobile Email Marketing: Get Optimised Now

Mobile Email Marketing: Get Optimised Now


Mobile Email Marketing: Get Optimised Now

Over the past few months, mobile email marketing has developed to a brand new level. Believe it or not, but even the best email campaign software might not help you reach your targeted audience if you’re not mobile optimised.

Convincing figures

According to a recent study by Return Path, 63% of Americans and 41% of Europeans would rather close an email if it isn’t optimised for mobile devices. In this day and age, no matter how appealing your email marketing campaigns are, if you are not mobile optimised you may be missing out on thousands of potential buyers.

Unexpected growth

Despite all the recession consequences and economic concerns, mobile email marketing is alive and well. A new study by Reply indicates that the demand for mobile marketing is growing among midmarket companies. Furthermore, a survey by Knotice has found a considerable rise of interaction between mobile devices and email marketing. For instance, about 32% more emails were opened on mobile devices in the first half of 2012 than during the last six months of 2011.

Going smart

Mobile Email Marketing: Get Optimised Now

Mobile Email Marketing: Get Optimised Now


Taking into consideration that smartphone usage tripled during 2011 and smartphone ownership has almost reached 60% in the U.K., it hasn’t come as quite a shock that email consumption via mobile devices has also jumped up.

Android and iOS users are at the top of the list as the majority of mobile users with purchasing power have smartphones. It’s stated that approximately 26% of emails are accessed using mobile devices. Some companies experience as much as 70% of open rates via mobile devices.

Mobile friendly email marketing

Needless to say that responsive design aimed at using the web space in the most effective way is the one and only smart way to optimise your content for mobiles. However, the concept is still being ignored by a great number of email marketers.

As stated by Paul Berney, global CMO of the Mobile Marketing Agency, “saying ‘we need an app’ is a terrible place to start – think about how mobile extends and enhances what you are already doing”. Certain ad executives complain they put off spending on mobile after having witnessed a number of advertisers trying to simply replicate desktop displays to come up with a mobile version of the site.

How to get started

If you want mobile marketing to pay off, do not apply your tried techniques to this new medium. As the market is still on an early stage and not all companies know where to start, here are a few tips that may help optimise for the mobile environment.

  • Optimise for every targeted recipient. It means developing email marketing campaigns with different devices in mind, be it smartphones, tablets or laptops the customer uses on the go. It also means using the same code for all devices.
  • As there are no templates for every mobile device, try to experiment to find email marketing solutions that work across many platforms.
  • Make your content readable, offers clear and calls to action easy to respond to as the recipient is likely to open your email while commuting home or having lunch.
  • Incorporate the main message in the text so the client can find out the most important information even before the image loads.
  • Consider adding click-to-call functionality to your website pages which may work in mobile email marketing for obvious reasons.
  • Use images carefully and make sure the text version of your email looks great too. To make images more mobile friendly, use smaller ones that are easy to load. Having a gigantic image centred – so when it’s loading there’s mostly just white space on the screen – is like a missed opportunity.
  • Forget about videos in emails. Include links to the site if you want the receiver to see this content.


Figures from Econsultancy show that 88% of smartphone owners access their emails on mobile devices every day. With the number of smartphone users skyrocketing, optimising for mobiles is absolutely at the top of the list of things to do. Testing will help you find techniques that work best for your business.



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