Mobile software for monitoring kids

Mobile software for monitoring kids


Smartphones can be said to be indispensable in today’s world with all their features and innumerable possibilities. Many parents are joining the smartphone bandwagon and gifting their children valuable iPhones, Androids and so on. Though there are many advantages to teenagers possessing their own mobiles, there is indubitably a flip side to it, which is a threat to safety.

Why mobile monitoring is needed?

There are several notorious cases where teens have misused their freedom. With the liberty afforded by smartphones, the risk of children getting into intricate trouble is very real. Kids share information very easily, without thinking of repercussions. If say, they let out the family’s monetary position or tell a stranger casually when they are alone at home, it could pave the way for thefts or kidnappings. Other instances of smartphone misuse could be when teens watch inappropriate content online or get caught in a drug network. Given these lurking perils, it becomes the parents’ responsibility to think of ways to monitor their kids’ mobile phone usage and keep them safe.

How does mobile monitoring function?

Parents have to install mobile monitoring app such as Mobile Spy on the mobile to be tracked. The app passes data and activity logs, typically after encryption to the application’s server. The parent can sign into the account he or she has created earlier and view the tracked information via a web browser.

General installation procedure for mobile monitoring software

Buying the compatible version of mobile monitoring software is the first step. After this, parents can set up an account on the app server which would be the place where the tracked cell phone’s data is logged. Next, the dad or mom can get hold of the child’s mobile physically and download and install the software. Post this, when the parent completes choosing the tracking options, the monitoring software starts working.

What features does mobile monitoring software have?

A sophisticated mobile monitoring app like Mobile Spy is invisible, laden with features, easy to use, nominally priced and secure. Mobile monitoring software can track and pick up mobile’s data and activity.

Parents can track calls, SMSs, emails, chats, visited sites and videos watched besides viewing the cell phone data like address book, notes, to-do lists, calendar, saved pictures, recorded video files and much more.

Some of the monitoring apps have advanced options that allow parents to monitor their children’s phone screen live. Other options include the ability to listen to calls and the facility to overhear the noises/ voices in the phone’s vicinity at any time. Another useful option they could utilize is setting up of virtual boundaries for the kids’ movements by mentioning certain physical landmarks. When a child steps outside this limit, the parent gets an immediate alert. Parents also get to restrict mobile usage timings, selectively prevent applications and remotely remove installed apps.


All over the world, mothers and fathers who wish to give their children the power of smartphones but at the same time want to keep the kids under their radar are routinely turning to sensible and valuable cell phone spy applications.

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