Modernize Business Website Design to Keep Users Happy

Modernize Business Website Design to Keep Users Happy



A website’s design works like a silent testimonial to a business. If your web design is not modern and impressive, visitors may consider your business as going through a downtime, or simply, redundant, and this could reduce the user activity on your site to a great extent. Therefore, timely tweaks in the layout are necessary to keep users and search engines happy. An up-to-date and user-friendly website not only retains loyal customers but attracts new ones as well.


  1. Use High Resolution Images and Change them occasionally- Ensure at all times that the quality of your graphics is top-notch. If you have low resolution images, make sure you enhance their quality using photo editing software. Retro is one of the ‘in’ styles in design and low resolution graphics can play around the concept. Remember to add new images from time-to-time, taking down old images so they don’t crowd your website and increase load time.


  1. Check Traffic- User behavior is one of the fundamental factors that can help you decide which parts or pages in your site needs to be updated. Keep an eye on Google Analytics to gather user data (which pages are most visited, which are less visited, what encourages people to click, navigation style, etc.) and make necessary changes to show your care and respect for customers.


  1. Reduce Extra Elements- Widgets and add-ons are helpful, but excess of anything is never good. These days, more businesses are opting for a minimalistic design, because a clean and lightweight site is more usable and SEO-friendly than a widget heavy site. Too many widgets not only increase page loading time but often makes a site vulnerable to cyber criminals.


  1. Shift to HTML5- HTML5 is the future of web. With the help of this next generation programming language, you can blend dynamic content with static to make your site aesthetically appealing. The USP of this coding language is add-on free structure. Viewers can watch dynamic content without installing any media player.


  1. Utilize Ajax- If you are still not using Ajax, your site is probably catering to a 90’s audience. Ajax add-ons update the content of a web page without refreshing it. This technology is really helpful for ecommerce, news and maps websites. Dynamic websites must implement Ajax to avoid constantly reloading a page every time there is a new story published. This means, Ajax script will flash new updated content without refreshing a page to load that content. This way, it offers a smooth user experience; users get updated content without waiting for pages to reload.


In this age of technology, business websites must adapt to the latest technical changes to cater to online customers efficiently. Remember, the harder you work on the design and features, the better your customer retention, chance of conversion and profits thereof.


Author Bio – Timely modification of a business website is necessary to reflect a contemporary look in this rapidly changing industry. In this article Hema Gupta shares suggestions for modernization of a business website design.





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