Nintendo DS Advance Wars: Stimulating Strategists

imagesSince the arrival of gaming platforms, the popularity of strategy games has been on the rise. One of the most popular names and highly praised games of this genre is Advance Wars. When it was launched on the DS in 2005 it has had strategy enthusiasts hooked immediately.

 Nintendo DS Advance Wars: Stimulating Strategists

Advance Wars is a unique war game that successfully argues the point that not all strategy games are best played on a PC. This series is fascinating and each game instalment varies from the last. In the UK Advance Wars Dual Strike and Dark Conflict (titled Days of Ruin outside of Australia and Europe) have all been released and received fantastic reviews – for a good reason.


Dual Strike


On the surface Dual Strike looks twee and like a game particularly for young children due to its manga styled graphics. Though, as they say, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Advance Wars Dual Strike is a seriously complex strategy game that you may not be able to resist getting addicted to.


As a war game it is quite dark, but it isn’t all about shooting – remember to use your head. It has easy-to-learn game play so if you are new to gaming, especially on the DS it really is the perfect choice to get started with. But don’t let that deter you; if you are a seasoned pro the plot/gameplay will challenge you in a fantastic way. Try out your military tactics by choosing from the different commanding officers, each have different powers – you are able to combine their varied attacks together to create incredible attacks that can alter the outcome of the entire battle that you are fighting.


Dark Conflict

Dark Conflict

Dark Conflict


The image of the second Advance Wars game – Dark Conflict – changes from the bright manga of Dual Strike, it has darker game art and graphics that are more suited to the theme of this war game. Dark Conflict is set in the future after a large meteor has hit the planet – perfect for sci-fi fans. The planet is therefore covered with enemy forces and is fraught with life-threatening disease, as the player you need to create strategy to restore humanity. In campaign mode you must complete 26 various missions.


This intense game is stimulating and makes you feel like a hero – if you win anyway! You are able to play this game either solo or with friends through local networking or Wi-Fi.


This game series is so enthralling, unique and nothing short of awesome. It’s likely that many people will want to sell their old Nintendo DS games in order to raise some money to buy all of them. As they are designed for the DS the battle system takes full advantage of the two screens that are unique to this type of hand-held platform.


Advance Wars is a series that is dark with turn-based strategy and therefore it is not for the faint hearted. You’ll need to keep your wits about you to defeat your enemies and save the planet.

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