How to Overcome SEO Fear Factor In Blogging

SEO Fear FactorTo have a successful blog you have to work on it constantly, you have to post new ideas, and build relationships. Blogging is not a passive task it takes lots of time to build your authority and needs hard work. As you know, there are numerous bloggers who are blogging on the same niche of your genre. You have competition at every level of blogging from new bloggers and expert bloggers. So how do you Overcome SEO Fear Factor In Blogging?

Blogging Niche - Overcome SEO Fear Factor In Blogging

When you are posting on any topic you will have high competition with various bloggers who are posting the content on the same niche. Publishing your content on other blogs can just help you to earn some money and traffic. But, you should be aware of some points as a blogger.

3 Algorithm from Google

Understanding Google’s Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird Algorithm

 to Overcome SEO Fear Factor In BloggingAs a blogger this 3 Algorithms fears the most, It is necessary to Overcome SEO Fear Factor In Blogging. if you blog for passionate and you have your own client base, you can do as your passionate at, But if you relay on Search engine like Google you need to understand the 3 algorithm to Overcome SEO Fear Factor In Blogging. It is not tough to optimise your blog to google friendly, But once your blog wiped out by this roll out, its not simple to get your blog bact to its position.

Present your Idea in proper format

Having a good blog and posting good content in it just present that you are professional blogger and it improves your authority too. You must post good content right from the beginning. Higher page rank means you don’t have to don’t have to look for content you have to stand ahead and post new ideas which is not posted yet. This way you can drive the traffic and increase your authority too. Taking time to post new idea and coming out with good idea will increase your authority and you will be the first choice of editors.

Do proper research before writing from any blog

You should not concentrate much on the recent posts of the blog which you are looking to write for. Take some time and read the achieved text to get the complete information about the past of the blog too. When you can blend your idea with the direction of the blog you are writing for then this way you can create your professional image which can’t be ignored.

Know your audience

It’s always advisable to know about the audience in what they are interested. You must take out some time to get the idea about the readership for what they are searching for. You can read the comments in the blog section but knowing about the incoming search terms is the best way to drive the attention towards your blog.

Post current topics

Posting current ideas on your blog is the best way to get the notice from the people. People are more interested to learn the current contents rather than outdated one. And, most importantly you know that there will be high competition when it comes to post new ideas so you must be updated yourself first and then post the content immediately to your blog.

SEO tips

You will find thousands of SEO tips when you search in for one. But are they effective enough to bring your site on the top of the list? All these tips are read by so many out there, was there anybody whose ranking improved after implementing these tips? Questions are numerous but there is a single answer to it. You have to be original and have some unique touch to it otherwise you will be lost in the crowd,  To overcome SEO Fear Factor In Blogging. It is very important that you do your research properly first, then try and execute it to the best of your ability, when you are done with execution start analyzing to see how you faired and then rate yourself.

Research on the topic and match up with reader’s requirement

This is the oldest tip but the most relevant one till date. When you are writing on any topic then do your research work extensively. You need to figure out the approach of going into the article so that your readers are fully engrossed in the subject from the word go. When you have done your research work in-depth then it means you have full grip over the subject matter and you will be able to spin it around as per your reader’s choice. The more your contents get referred and the more traffic you get ensures that you are doing things correctly.

Headlines are the marketing tool

Through headlines you are actually selling your content. Therefore the headlines should be crisp, eye-catching and would give you a hint about what the content is all about. It is like a marketing tool for your content as most of the readers rejects or accepts content after reading the headlines. So your headline must generate curiosity, use content specific phrases and it must compel the reader to read beyond the headlines.

Using high-quality images

A picture attracts more viewers than written words and this is indeed a fact. If you upload self explanatory image and a write up which explains the activity you will see viewers are mostly interested in pictures. Not just any picture, you have to do some research to provide your readers with some good quality images which will be relevant to your site and most importantly content. The two should actually complement each other and not overshadow the other.

Do not fear to tread into unknown territory

You will have to test everything to see what really works for you. Do not depend on others; does your own little research work on what your readers want out of your site and whether you are able to fulfill their need. If you are not sure about whether things will work or not, you must first take the initiative of trying new things and look for your viewer’s reaction. You never know the thing you dreaded most might prove to be the most fruitful and rewarding experience.

Hiring established bloggers

This will help you in two ways. Your readers will get different flavor to taste and the fan follower of the established and popular blogger will be visiting your page. If they like the contents of your site then you can be rest assured that they will start visiting your site too. This will provide you with good traffic and enhancing the credibility of your site.

These are few tips that will surely help your SEO and keep trying out various new things to satisfy your readers.

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