Peek-a-boo into the Android Phones

Android comes across as an open source mobile phone operating system that is in heavy use in recent times. Android is a Linux-based system that was introduced by Google. With the drastic popularity of Android, Android Phones are seen making the rounds in the market. There are a good number of people who have been using Android Phones and are totally satisfied with the same. There are many reasons that have given rise to the demand for Android Phones. However, on the other hand there is another school of thought that focusses its attention on not so very good points about Android Phones. All said and done at the end it depends on the individual whether or not opting for an Android Phone would be a right move for him or her.


One main reason that has led to the  popularity of Android Phones in recent times is due to the massive amount of awareness that is created in the market by the Android Phone manufacturers. You will be stunned to come across the wide range of alternatives that are available in the market as far as the Android phones are concerned. Each phone tends to differ from the other on the basis of a number of parameters. One primary point of differentiation that helps to distinguish between Android phones is the array of features that are offered by them. Apart from this, you will come across a number of models as well as brands as far as the Android Phone market is concerned. Secondly, most of the Android phones are known to come complete with shared applications that are known to help users share information irrespective of the brand or model of cell phone that the opposite person is using. The only prerequisite with respect to this area is that both the individuals need to possess a smartphone and at the same time should be making use of the Android operating system.


There are some people in the market who have a strong desire to buy Android phones, but tend to kill their desire for the same because of one misconception that they have. This misconception is nothing, but the one related to the price. Most of the individuals tend to believe that all the Android phones are highly expensive and cannot fit in their budget. However, the reality is way too different. In the market like there are a number of brands and models available, you can also find a number of Android phones that belong to different prince range. Some of the economic Android phones include LG Optimus 2X, Motorola Defy Plus and Motorola Atrix 2 to list down a few.


Like all devices have their plus and minus points so do Android phones. However, the minus points of Android phones are not too big and thus can be easily overlooked. First and foremost problem with Android phones is that they come complete with screens that are quite smaller if a comparison is to be made with other smartphones. Secondly, some of the Android phones do not possess a physical keypad and thus typing becomes much of a task. Apart from this, another shortcoming of Android phones is that they do not possess an automatic sync to your personal computer and thus getting files in sync to one’s computer becomes next to impossible. One glance through this article will help you get a real picture about Android phones that can eventually help you to decide whether or not you should invest in one.

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