Role of Social Media in SEO.

Role of Social Media in SEO.

If you are one of those people that are still endlessly busy creating hundreds of backlinks to ensure that your website ranks as high as possible in all the top search engines, then you might want to change your thinking and strategies when it comes to SEO. If you ask most SEO experts today, they will tell you that social media and the role of social marketing have changed drastically. Some will even tell you that social marketing is the new SEO.

It seems that the days when the World Wide Web only consisted of readers and the people who provided the content to read are over. Back in those days the readers made no noticeable contribution when it came to spreading content online. Social media and all the different social channels have changed that, and they have become the most recent yardstick by which you are able to measure how successful and effective your marketing strategies perform online. Because of the explosion of social media on the Internet, almost everything has changed and the following tactics are no longer as effective:


  • Creating backlinks via various blog networks


  • Spamming through comments


  • Submitting your articles in various places on the Internet


  • Outsourcing the creation of your backlinks


What SEO techniques are more effective today?


It is time to realize that backlinking is old-fashioned and that you need an immediate change in your SEO approach. You need to make progress in various available social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and others. Gaining social signals throughout these popular social media should be your main SEO focus now. The following has become very important:


Use quality content that is fresh


Adding content to your website(s) that is fresh and which is of high quality has always been a priority, but today it is even more significant. The fresher the content the more value it receives from search engines such as Google. The chances of ranking higher and being indexed quicker are much better too.


It is essential to network


By using the various social networks to promote your quality content, you will attract more readers and visitors to your website than before.


Optimize your website for a first-rate user experience


By limiting advertisements on your website and by lowering the loading time and bounce rate as well, you will create a much better overall experience for your users. The majority of users do not enjoy a slow loading time and unnecessary ads, and so does Google.


Google need to know who the original author is


You need to inform Google that you are the original author of any fresh, quality content that appears on your website. If Google does not know who the original author is, then it will allow others to copy your content and use it to appear higher in the search engine rankings.


Unethical backlinking


Unethical backlinking is no longer effective. Start concentrating on social marketing more and use only quality backlinks that are produced naturally.


Learn to manage your various social signals


Now is the time to focus the majority of your SEO efforts and attention on social marketing.


  • Use social media as much as possible, by being more sociable – more users can then easily find your business online.


  • Use social media such as YouTube and Pinterest to be more visual online. You will achieve better rankings.


  • Post regularly on Twitter, Blogs, LinkedIn, Google plus and more.


  • Optimize your website SEO gradually – concentrate on one page before moving to the next one.


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