Scheduling Software to solve the challenges facing your organization

turnover1Do you need solution to solve  the challenges facing your organization? Most importantly, your team will be empowered to focus on your business, not office logistics.? You ll see a real return on your investment, and experience. The combination of expertise, effective use of leading-edge technology, and the commitment to delight every member of your team.

Scheduling Software to solve the challenges facing your organization

Whether it’s the scheduling simplicity of Meeting Room Manager, or the easy time and labor management tracking that helps businesses save money almost immediately, our customers come from nearly every business sector and from Fortune and Global 1000 enterprises.

Are you tired of using papers? And the worst case “When you lost it”. I know what to DO. All you need is Scheduling Software.


Scheduling Software

Resource Scheduler

You can schedule it whenever and wherever you want. You can maintain your resources on 100%

Meeting Room Manager

Simply Boost your productivity By booking meeting rooms

Workspace Manager

Web based scheduling application designed for use with any browser, self service kiosks, LCD room displays, and mobile phones.

Workplace Business Intelligence
Workplace BI is a business management tool that provides valuable real-time data analysis and trending information through interactive business intelligence visualization dashboards.

State-of-the-art occupancy and presence sensors and in-depth interactive analytic visualization dashboards to track, measure, and analyze comprehensive traffic, presence, occupancy, and space utilization information facility-wide down to the individual workspace.

Energy Management
Inhills is active energy management solutions provide valuable insight into energy consumption levels and automatic energy management control.

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