Show your Blogging Passion at search Engine instead of Facebook feeds

search Engine vs Facebook feedsSo, are you a Blogger? Are you passionate about writing and can’t get enough of this desire? If there’s a “yes” coming up, then let me ask you another question,

Do you promote your Blog through Facebook feeds only?

Now, if there’s a “Yes!” for this question too, then my friend, you are doing it wrong. Promoting your blog through your Facebook feeds is one way of doing it, but not the ONLY way. A bigger, better and more productive approach is to showcase your skills on search engines. No! Don’t get worried. It’s a simple four step approach that would help you get your dream traffic:

Make Social Media Profiles:

No! Wait! Don’t take us as those crazy people who first tell you to refrain from something and then ask you to do that very thing again. We are not talking about YOUR social media profiles, we are talking about YOUR BLOG(s) social media profiles. For every blog you create, you must have a Social Media Page and a twitter account for that, so that your audience knowswhat to access for more details. Furthermore, it will increase your chances of appearing in the top pages returned by the Search Engines. How? Whenever a person would try to Google you or look up to you on some other search engine, they would see the blog link as well as other related pages to it. If you have multiple accounts, then you can take help of “Facebook Networked Blogs”app or find another app for this purpose. Use your blog’s official name for your Twitter account’s username and include the blog link in the profile.

Relevant Pictures, Images and Videos:

Now, that you have created your hype on Social Media, it’s time  to focus a little bit on your Blog. We know your blog is already a masterpiece and doesn’t need our help in the slightest, but here are some suggestions, nonetheless. If you haven’t already added relevant pictures and images into your Blog, then we would suggest you to do that ASAP. I can’t think of a person who would not like a colorful, lively blog. A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is even greater. This will not only increase your traffic and make your readers fall in love with you, but will also increase your ranking in different search engines. How is that possible? Well, here is a pretty straightforward logic for this. When you use search optimized media (videos, images, pictures or anything of that sort), then you are basically increasing the probability of your blog’s appearance on the top pages of the search engines. Now, even if somebody doesn’t search for your blog in particular and searches for that media, your blog link would still appear.

Move Your Attention to the Search Engines:

So, your blog is ready! Let’s focus on the next big step; SEARCH ENGINES. You have an amazing blog with some amazing, heart touching content, but you haven’t submitted your blog to any of the search engines yet, then your blog is up to no good. What good a blog is if people don’t know about it? You need to submit your blog to some of the top search engines; some of them being Ask, Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc. In this way, you’re telling these search engines about your presence. The next time someone searches for relevant content, your blog is bound to appear on the returned searches. If you haven’t submitted a blog to a search engine before, then here is a little help. Here, we are only discussing about Google. For other search engines, please take help from our beloved Internet.

è Google Account: Every search engine gives the option of making an account. Google also provides that option. If you haven’t already created a Google account, then you need to create one.

è Google Web Master Tools:Google Webmaster Tools is a very powerful suite that is your one – solution – to – all – problems. This suite provides you with useful and related links to your website. All you need to do is to add your website link in this suite and also the links of those relevant pages that you would like the search engine to display along with the blog’s main link. Keep updating this suite so that your users would get the latest links of your blog.

è Add URL:Once you’re done with the Webmaster suite, you need to add your blog’s URL to Google. All you need to do is to use the “Add your URL to Google” form.

Appear in Google News:

At this point, you’re done with everything. Your site has been successfully submitted to the search engine (Google, in this case). Now, you can either take a break or just do one more task. If your blog is more of a newspaper where you write reviews about the latest news, then this step would be worth it. All you need to do is to get into Google NEWS so that your blog appears even there. Getting into Google News is no biggie, we are here to lend you a helping hand. Visit Google’s official page Google News for Publishers and you would get all the information from there.

Author: I.G.Pradeep

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