Search Engine Optimization: Myths and perceptions about over optimization

Search Engine Optimization: Myths and perceptions about over optimization.


Over optimization has become an increasingly crucial concern especially after the adverse effects of Google algorithm changes particularly the Panda and Penguin updates. More and more website owners are becoming too conscious and cautious with their article marketing strategy, resulting into less SEO-focused (perhaps less effective) techniques.

The problem with that is the fact that over optimization is being over emphasized. The idea of over optimization has been overrated and is founded only on myths and perceptions.

Below are three myths and perceptions about over optimization.

  • Keyword research is no longer effective.
  • Links are no longer a factor in Google algorithm.
  • Over Optimization


Keyword research is no longer effective

The popular belief today (after the Google Panda and Penguin updates) is that keyword research is no longer effective – actually, it’s a big lie and those who believe in it are committing a huge mistake. Keyword research is still the most effective way of optimizing a website and its content for search engines.

While it’s true that many websites have plummeted because of their keyword strategy, it has nothing to do with the concept of keyword research. Keyword research involves researching the terms Internet users are searching for and using it wisely – the keyword here is wisely.

If you use your keywords recklessly and if you engaged in shameful keyword stuffing, then Google and other search engines will of course punish you. But if you use your keywords in a wise and unspammy manner, you won’t be affected by any algorithm change.


Links are no longer a factor in Google algorithm

Another common misconception regarding SEO nowadays is that links are no longer factored in the computation of Google’s algorithm. Links still play a very important role in the success (or failure) of websites and their owners.

However, you should ensure that your links are of high quality and are not just links for the sake of driving traffic. Links should be relevant and should have the ability to be deemed useful. If you follow that simple guideline, there is a great chance that your linking strategy will drive a good amount of traffic for your blog or website.


Links are no longer a factor in Google algorithm

Black hat SEO will get you banned. It’s unethical and Google can easily find out which website engages in such negative SEO techniques. A common paradox that comes along with black hat SEO is that no one is admitting that he/she are guilty yet almost all are pointing fingers to someone. The axiom I don’t do it but my competitor does is very much true in today’s SEO.


Over Optimization

So what exactly is over optimization? There’s an old adage that goes, “Too much of a good thing is bad.” But this does not exactly hold true for search engine optimization. You can’t tell a blogger to stop writing quality content just because he’s got hundreds of posts or link builder from guest posting on high value websites. Search Engine Optimization is to know where to place your efforts on. Focus on quality and quantity will be a big plus.

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