See How You Can Achieve Great Domain Authority

Domain authority or the ranking of a website includes Alexa rank, page rank and backlinks. A site with good backlinks and Alexa and page ranks usually means a better Domain Authority. But many other factors need to be taken into consideration, ones which decide the Domain Authority of the site. Some of the other factors that decide Domain Authority are site age, content quality, frequency of content etc.

Achieve Great Domain Authority

It is very important to achieve great domain authority because greater the DA, the more easily your site will appear during organic search. So, how can you achieve domain authority? We shall try to answer just that using the following points.

  • Site structure: the site should be designed in a user-friendly way. The format, font, theme should be neat, clean and well-planned. Providing a site map, one which is user accessible, is a good idea. The number of links provided on a page should be limited to avoid unnecessary mess. Using text links throughout the site is, again, a good idea.
  • The site level should be optimized. Link diluters need to be cut off. The speed of the site needs to be increased.
  • Variations in main keywords, short and relevant permalinks and a tab or bar that shows newest posts is another way to increase the amount of traffic that visits the site.
  • The content you choose for your site is very important. Write on topics which are unique and evergreen. Discussions on topics should be detailed.
  • Promotion of content: when you create a new site, very few people get to know about it. So, promotion of content is very important. Promote your site’s content on social media. Pay for paid promotions, if need be. You need also spread the news among your email contacts.
  • Marketing your site on social media: add pages of your website on popular social media.  Links to your social media page should be posted in your guest posts on top sites. Try and get high-profile followers on your social media page.
  • Building relationships with influencers: alliance with top influencers should be built and strengthened. Interactions with influencers are highly recommended. If they share your niche, ask them to share their content with you and you too share yours with them. Ask them to provide feedback. You may also contribute to each other’s sites.
  • Providing help to your allies with stuff you re strong at. One good turn deserves another and you will soon see them becoming very willing to help you when the time comes. Ensure your active users’ loyalty by helping them while asking for nothing in return.
  • Increase brand awareness. Make use of offline marketing techniques. Advertise on social media sites. Hosting events make people aware of the presence of your brand.
  • Engage with users and customers. Answer their questions, look into their complaints, host quizzes related to your company. Sending goodies and mere trifles to your active users is always a good idea.

Improving your domain authority is very important and hence, we have tried to list ways using which you may do the same. Hopefully, your ratings will improve once you have applied all these ways. Good luck!

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