What To Look For Before Selecting A Ecommerce Platform


Starting up an online business is a huge deal for anyone, one that requires a lot of consideration in regards to a number of factors. However, before you decide on the products you are going to sell or even the niche you are going to get into, you need to decide on what ecommerce platform you are going to use in order to create your website. While it may not sound as important as finding the right product to promote, keep in mind that without having the right platform, you won’t be able to run your business the way you intend to, and consequently, whether or not you will have the right product won’t really matter. In any case, here are a few steps you should take when choosing your ecommerce platform.

What To Look For Before Selecting A Ecommerce Platform

Determine the Most Important Elements

To start things off, you need to determine what factors are important to you in an ecommerce software. Are you looking for something that will give you flexibility in the customization of your website? Or perhaps you want the most economic option? Maybe you’re looking for a software that has some kind of specific layout? Whatever it is you find to be important in an ecommerce website builder, write it down. It would help to list all the pertinent items in order of importance to you.

Look at the Competition

A good way of determining what kind of ecommerce software you are going to use is to look at what your future competition is doing. Simply look around online businesses that are in the same niche as you plan on investing yourself in, and look at what platform they are running on. You can even get in touch with the owners of those websites and ask them questions on how well the software they are using has fared for them and if there are any things you should be aware of.

Factor in the Costs

Most ecommerce software platforms do cost something, and in most cases you have the choice of being billed on a monthly or yearly basis. Whatever the cost may be, it is important to look at how it fits in with your budget and the rest of your expenses. After all, you don’t want to end up committing to a software only to find out you can’t keep paying for it.

Test Drive the Software

Most ecommerce platforms actually come with a free trial, generally allowing you to use all of the software’s features before having you decide whether or not you want to commit to them. There are two main factors you are going to be looking at here:

1. The Software Needs to be Customizable and have a good backend

For you, the user, it should be easy to set up the software, customize it to a certain extent, not to mention it would be best for it to have some kind of stat counting application. If not, you are going to have to download an external plugin, and many of them do not give completely accurate readings, at least not as accurate as a built-in software would.

2. Payment and Shipping Options

Many people out there make the mistake of simply assuming that the software they want can be purchased in the way they desire to. However, there are many places that only accept certain forms of payment; for instance, if you can only pay for online purchases via PayPal, make sure that such an option is available. In addition, if there are some components that have to be shipped to you, do take the time to make sure that the options available in this regard suit your needs.

Is the Support Team Competent?

The importance of making sure that the company behind your ecommerce software has a good support online cannot be understated. No software out there is perfect, and it is very likely that eventually, you are going to run into some kind of trouble. Unless you are proficient in programming (which most people aren’t), then your only possible course of action will be to contact the support team behind your platform. They need to respond promptly, have a number you can call, as well as live chat support. The people working there need to be not only courteous, but also actually knowledgeable in what they are doing. There are too many companies who hire poor support teams and end up driving their clients away. You can always check the company’s BBB rating and look into customer reviews in regards to their products.

Finding the right ecommerce software for your purposes isn’t the hardest thing in the world to do, but it does require you to do your homework. Regardless of how long making a decision takes, you can’t afford to rush it; after all, it would be much better to betray your schedule than end up committing yourself to some kind of half-heartedly developed software, not being able to drive your business in your desired direction.

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