SEO – An Industry That Never Sleeps

SEO – An Industry That Never Sleeps


SEO Industry Never Sleeps

The online world is always changing and consequently those in related professions can never say that they have a 9 to 5 career. Yes, you may arrive at the office in the morning, leaving at the end of the day, but you will often find yourself working late into the night on some kind of link building strategy, your next blog post or trying to work out why your biggest client has dropped from number one in the rankings to the tenth page overnight.


Taking just one example of an SEO strategy, content marketing, you can find that you’re working with people all around the world attempting to place high quality content on their websites. Having spent hours working on the article, ensuring it really is top quality, you can then spend the rest of your working day trying to get in touch with a blogger whose site is perfect for hosting your piece. The only flaw, if you’re in the UK and they’re in the USA, is that your working days might not overlap and consequently you can’t have a discussion about what it is the blogger wants or to really sell them on the idea of posting your content on their site.


In many instances, you could get an email at 3am saying “yes I’d love to post your article” which, while it is a great email to wake up to the next morning, can be somewhat frustrating because you’re waiting and waiting for the reply and all the time your deadline is getting ever closer.


For anyone looking to get into the SEO industry, you will definitely find that you’ll be frustrating your other half by working late into the night. Unfortunately it’s something that just needs doing – especially when you have clients demanding certain things from you that need delivering. After all, there are only so many hours in a day and things can’t happen overnight.


It takes perseverance and patience, and a good quality laptop too! You could have all the kit you need in the office, but get home to just a standard computer slowing things down. For this reason, as someone who works in the industry personally, I would say you need a laptop for everyday use enabling you to do everything you want to do at home. A lot of laptops will only have certain features that are useless to different people. An everyday model with everything you need is a must – you definitely don’t want the one that’s best for gaming or watching videos.


With Google rolling out updates to its algorithm on a regular basis, you only have to look at the Panda and Penguin updates for examples, the industry as a whole is always having to adapt and those in the SEO profession are having to change their tactics to help their clients to achieve their online goals. In the past, you filled a blog post with random words and anchor text that just didn’t fit in with the tone of the piece just to get a link. Nowadays, Google is cracking down on similar tactics and it’s about high quality, not quantity, so work hard and get a few hours of sleep before hitting it all again tomorrow!

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