Smart Tips to Obtain Precise Results in Google

Smart Tips to Obtain Precise Results in Google

Smart Tips to Obtain Precise Results in Google

Have you ever wondered that despite of the presence of millions of websites in the digital world, Google always retrieves the perfect result to your query? It is all because of the efficient database of Google that fetches you with the results, which you have been looking for. However, if you want to have more efficient results from Google without flipping through the varied kind of searches that would waste your time, then here are the few tips for you.

Smart Tips to Obtain Precise Results in Google

Input at least 5 keywords:

A common mistake made by many of the users while carrying out a search, is that they use less than five words. If you use single keyword, then Google will fetch the results depending upon the presence of that specific keyword in the websites, according to page rank order in which they appear.

If you want to narrow down your search, then it is a good practice that you type in at least five keywords. This will let the search engines to fetch the appropriate result that would satisfy your need.

Truncate your queries:

If you do not have a clear idea about what you’re looking for, then you can truncate your query, using ‘*’. For illustration, if you type in ‘graphics * tutorial’, you procure websites like: ‘Graphics Software Tutorials’, ‘Graphics Design Tutorials’ and many more. This will give you a pool of ample ideas, from which you can pick with what you want to go for. Smart Tips to Obtain Precise Results in Google

Use precise phrases:

If you know a quote precisely, such as ‘A yawn is a silent shout’, and you want to know who has quoted it, then it is always good to type the entire quote within quotation marks (“ “). This will give you the desired result in an instant.

“OR” & “-“Operators:

If you want to search for two different queries at once, then you can use “OR” operator to carry out this function. For example, type in “Online Marketing” OR “Strategy”, this will give you results for the queries within quotations viz. Online Marketing and Strategy. So, you come across websites that speak about Online Marketing and Strategy individually.

“-“ is the operator that will exclude the result that your query will tend to produce. Let us suppose that you want to search for someone called Steve Jobs, but not the ex-CEO of Apple Corp, then you need to type your query like: “Steve Jobs” –Apple. This would bring you close the results that you’re seeking.

You can use these tips to have a smart approach to Google searches.

Smart Tips to Obtain Precise Results in Google



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