Some Social Media Myths And Their Reality Check

Some Social Media Myths And Their Reality Check

Social Media is the current buzz over the internet. Almost everyone who uses internet or is even slightly active over the web would have account on one of the social networks. Many business and organizations have started using the social media for increasing their brand value, promotional advantages and to make more profit. However, like every new thing that gets popular there are always some myths flowing around that affect the thinking of others. In reality, these myths are created by those who find it difficult to grasp its exact concept and start applying skewed generalizations that are not based on all the facts.


Some Social Media Myths And Their Reality Check

The reality checks for some of the most popular myths about social media are clearly explained below.


Myth: Many believe that social media is just a place where people come and post what they had in the breakfast. They believe that such a place is not relevant for their business.

Reality Check: According to a study conducted by Pear Analytics, 40% of twitter conversations are pointless talks and 4% are pure spam. However, we still have 56% of the twitter which is more than half of the total conversation taking place on it. This 56% conversation includes valuable data, news and meaningful stats. So, people actually use social channels for more than just sharing what they ate in the morning.


Myth: Social Media visitors comprise of youngsters only. They are not my customers therefore no use of getting on it.

Reality Check: According to a report by Pew Research, the average age of a social media user is 38 years whereas it was 33 years in 2008. This report is enough to remove any doubts that you may still have. In-fact, social media has a significant number of customers for almost every business.


Myth: The number of “Likes” and “followers” is the best measurement tool of success on social media.

Reality Check: While having large number of likes and followers is always good, the factor that really matters is something entirely different. A better measurement of success on social media can be done by reviewing your community’s engagement. For this, you will have to take a look at the conversations happening on your social channels and understanding the sentiments in these conversations.


Myth: Just have a social presence and visitors will come automatically.

Reality Check: It is not fair to entirely blame them who think like that. This behavior actually started with web in general and not with the social media. Social media just caught on to it. Many believe that if they create a Facebook page or just have presence over twitter then visitors will come to them on their own. In reality, you actually have to carefully use all the strategies that are required for traditional marketing.

I hope that this post would have cleared some of the wrong impressions that you had about social media and would help you in understanding its true impact on a business.

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