Steps to Reconsideration Request For Manual Google Penalties

Request For Manual Google PenaltiesIs your blog penalized manually by Google? Want to get your blog back into Google Search Results with the same traffic and ranking? Here’s how you can make it possible -

Google penalty may be appeared on your blog for various reasons, some of them are duplicate content, over building links for SEO, not caring about the user and many other reasons like this can penalize your site automatically from Google. Even some random updates like penguin, panda and hummingbird can penalize you. So it’s better to prevent from these instead of curing. Only 10% chances are there to recover your blog from these penalties and you need to follow the right steps given below.

Before I start with the reconsideration methods, you need to know that you blog is penalized manually or automatically. This reconsideration method is only applicable to manual penalties; automatic penalties will be removed and will not be reconsidered.
The only way to recognize manual penalty is, you will get an email from Google Webmasters Tools saying that your blog is penalized. So, let head out to the procedure and also learn some tips to avoid penalties and gain more ranking in the Google search results.

Steps to Reconsideration Request For Manual Google Penalties -

Step1: Create a Link Removal Campaign and remove all unnecessary links that you think are harmful for your site. Take a serious action on links and check each and every link properly, don’t miss out a single link. Each and every link is precious and sometimes harmful, use some specific tools to find links pointing to your site.

Step2: Record all your link removal work in a Google Spread Sheet and if you are unable to remove links then use the Google disavow tool to remove links manually.
Confused what to put in the spread sheet? Here is a link that will help you organize your links and it also provides a free template for the spreadsheet.

Step3: After completing the above, open a word document and write a reconsideration request. Note that after submitting the request you cannot access it, so write the request in a good manner describing it perfectly and also keep a copy of that document.

Things you need to consider in the word document -

Be Honest – Google is always honest with its terms and conditions and you should always be honest with Google. So always try to be honest!
Introduction - Tell Google what your penalty was for and also explain them what you have done to fix it.
Show them the work – Link them to visit the work you have done (the spreadsheet) and be honest what made you to link those and do apologize if you have done something wrong. Write a paragraph and explain them what the file contains, where you’ve collected the link data from (for example,aherfs, Google webmaster tools (GWT) , MajesticSEO etc….) and point the Google employee to any specific areas you think would be helpful (screenshots, email examples and so on).
Give a good point of what you want to do in future – If you want to continue with your website and make some good income give a give reason of what you want to do in future with the website. This point should be perfect and make the Google employee satisfy the reconsideration.

After completing the steps now you need to submit the reconsideration request. Go to GWT account and click on the site you’re working on. Now head over to ‘Search Traffic’ and at left hand side click on ‘Manual Actions’. Here, you’ll see a list of any manual actions taken against your website, where you’ll be able to click on ‘Request a review’.

Now sit back and wait until you get a reply from the Google employee. I hope you get a positive reply and do tell what results you have got after applying these methods.


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