Targeting Adsense Users to Increase Revenue

Targeting Adsense Users to Increase Revenue

\"\"If you are a blogger or a webmaster, chances are you have heard of Adsense. Adsense is great. If you are trying to monetize your blog via ads then there really are no better alternatives. Google gives you more money than a lot of the other ad networks out there, there is a bigger community of Adsense users than really any other network and there are even a lot of third party tools to help you increase your Adsense revenue. It simply seems like the smart choice to use Adsense for your blog or site. But most bloggers still don\’t make as much from their Adsense as they possibly can. Here are some ways you can increase your Adsense revenue.

The first thing that you need to understand is that it is not always advantageous to use Adsense on your site, at least not on all your pages. Sometimes it helps to serve Ads from other networks to a select group of your audience. The trick is to figure out who these people are and see if it worth is it.

Targeting Adsense Users to Increase Revenue

Targeting your content

Ok so you spent a lot of time thinking up of great ideas to blog about and you finally publish them on your blog in hopes of driving some traffic to your site and making some money off of those ads. But we all know that not all of these posts are created equal and not all of these posts will receive the same traffic. Some posts will have a lot of engagement and some posts are posts that people will just glance at and move on.

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Use Google analytics to take a look at the bounce rate and engagement in different posts. Look at the posts that people are not really spending time on and are not really clicking on Ads. In these posts it would be better to take out your Adsense Ads and place CPM based ads from other networks instead. This way even if people are not really looking at or clicking on the ads, you will still make money of off their visits.

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Targeting New Vs Returning

Returning users tend to develop banner blindness and therefore tend to click a lot less. This doesn\’t apply for visitors that are coming to your blog for the first time from sources like social media sites and Google. This is why I suggest using the top social media monitoring tools to get as much traffic as possible from these social media sites.

There is a way you can take advantage of this fact. Once again you can display CPM ads to your returning visitors and display Adsense ads to new users that are much more likely to click on them. If you are using WordPress there are a few plugins that will help you do this easily. Displaying CPM based ads to people who are not likely to click on ads can drastically increase the total revenue you make from your site by more efficiently monetizing a portion of your audience.

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