The Importance of Professional SEO Firms and Link Building Campaigns

Professional SEO Firms and Link Building Campaigns

Professional SEO Firms and Link Building Campaigns

When initiating an Professional SEO Firms and Link Building Campaigns, it’s important that any link building campaigns are done professionally, especially when you take the most recent Google updates into account.


The updates – known as Panda and Penguin – have put extra focus on the quality of content and encouraging content writers and link builders to be far more natural than ever before. Old SEO techniques consisted of writing 300 word articles filled with “spammy” links and key terms and phrases in an attempt to manipulate the site’s rankings. However, Google has wised up and penalised sites for over-optimising their content meaning that rather than moving up the rankings, they slipped down or even ended up being de-indexed from the search engine altogether.


For this reason, whichever SEO company you choose to work with for enhancing your Google rankings, visibility and traffic, should provide you with details on how they aim to get you your results. But how do you choose between them? After all, there are hundreds, if not thousands of companies providing SEO services in Ireland, the UK, United States, right around the world – it’s a tricky decision.


Your best way of selecting the firm you want to work with is to do your research, possibly even contact the people that your shortlist has worked with and ask them for feedback.


Content marketing

Content marketing has become a major part of link building, creating unique content and distributing this with optimised anchor text and back links from what they deem to be “influential” and relevant sites – another thing that the Google updates have placed emphasis upon since the updates. It’s no longer a good job just to write content and place it on a website. It’s more important to produce high quality content about a specific subject, and get that content and link onto a site that is related to your article.


The majority of up-to-date SEO companies provide social media campaigns, helping sites to enhance their visibility and draw traffic from sites such as Twitter and Facebook, two of arguably the most influential websites on the Internet today, each with millions of daily users. Take advantage of this and search for influential people in the field and get their views on the company, finding out the best ways of conducting link building campaigns in the process and working out the best way to get not only the results you desire, but the best value for money too. After all, this could be a business changing investment.


 Professional SEO Firms and Link Building Campaigns

The Importance of Professional SEO Firms and Link Building Campaigns

The Importance of Professional SEO Firms and Link Building Campaigns

Having chosen the company you want to work with, and agreed on a link building campaign, the key is to remain in constant contact, finding out exactly what is going on. This isn’t to say that you should be interfering with their work – they’re the experts after all – but asking to see what your money is being spent on is very wise. If you don’t you could find yourself out of pocket and even going in the opposite direction with your SEO strategy. Some firms, upon request, will store all of the work relating to the campaign in cloud storage, sharing the document with you so you can monitor progress and the campaign as a whole, providing you with regular end of week or month reports to show you how it’s benefitting you and what the plan going forward might be.

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