Three Tips for Writing a Great Blog

Tips for Writing a Great Blog

Tips for Writing a Great Blog

While blogging may have been a term for the tech-savvy only a few years ago, this process has now become one of the most popular forms of sharing ideas, inspirations and thoughts to the public. With the increased access to free Wifi more people are now writing such posts than ever before. As such, the term blog has now been added to the lexicon of common language and this trend will only continue to grow. Although some may think the process of presenting ideas to a targeted audience is simple, there are a few key concepts to consider which can make a marked difference between merely writing happenstance text and constructing a blog which will engage the curious reader.

Three Tips for Writing a Great Blog
Write What You Know

One of the most common mistakes many novice bloggers make is writing about a topic that they have little familiarity with. This is especially prevalent in blogs which attempt to convey ideas relating to selling a certain product or service. Should inexperience dominate the overall presentation, any readers with a working knowledge will see through the attempt and go elsewhere. Furthermore, the blog may develop a reputation for containing posts which represent hastily thrown together half-truths. This can alienate the very audience that is being targeted.

Use Keywords Carefully

Keywords serve to drive traffic to your posts. As people will search for such keywords, the readers will most likely have an active interest in the information you are disseminating. However, there is a science to utilising such a tool. Many bloggers post topics which are overstuffed with these words; writing for search engines and taking the very “human” aspect out of the subject at hand. Instead, use well thought out keywords sparingly while at the same time optimising your content around these terms.

Be Personable

An incorrect presentation can make even the most interesting of topics sound trite and colourless. Seek to actively engage the reader on a personal level. Remember, with so many more individuals having access to free Wifi, it is more common for blogs to be read when the reader is in a relaxed setting. Write your blog similarly. The more the visitor feels he or she can relate to a topic, the more likely they are to continue reading and subscribe for future posts. Most of all, a blog needs to proactively engage the reader rather than appear as static text.

These are but three of a multitude of tips that will greatly aid a blog in gaining both exposure and loyal readers. Although this advice may take some time to properly implement, success will surely follow.

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