Tips to Turn your Blog into a Book

Blogging has become a shortcut to fame and gain instant visibility in the online space. However, bloggers these days are going a step ahead and turning their blogs into books. For a majority of bloggers, the journey of being called a blogger to an author is indeed a memorable one. There are no hard and fast rules in converting your blog into a book, read on as listed below are a few essential tips that can help turn your blog into a book

Choose an angle for your book
You can be a blogger who blogs on the subject that interests you the most who is thinking if converting your blog posts into a book. Nevertheless, you must remember that you cannot blindly turn your blog into a printed book. Let’s say for instance you are owner of a food blog and you blog on recipes. Your blog can have a variety of recipes. You cannot directly convert all your recipes into a book. You will need to set the focus of the book first and then choose recipes that fall in the angle of your book. You can choose to have recipes of meals that you can cook for dinner or you can have a book of desserts per se.

Read blogs and books in your respective niche
You must read enough literature in the subject that you blog on. The literature can be in any form; blogs, books, videos or blogs that have been converted to books. Reading enough material will equip you to write better blogs. If you own a food blog, you must read as many food and recipe books and blogs as you possibly can. Observe how the ingredients and the method of cooking each dish are presented in the difference sources. This will give you an idea as to how to present recipes on your blog and in your book. You can take inspiration from various sources however, remember not to copy ideas.

Write blog posts that can fit in a book
When you write blog posts with the intention of turning them into a book, you must produce content that fits the two platforms; blog and book. The former is a virtual medium while the latter is the print medium. As an blogger and an author, you must do your best in creating content that comfortably suits the two mediums. Have content that is not too short and not lengthy running to several pages on your blog and book.

Incorporate missing content in the book
Let us take for an example that you are an active blogger and owner of a food blog. Over some time you have successfully blogged many recipes that are well received by your readers. In the blog you have been just giving out ingredients and cooking method and cooking steps for each recipes. If turning your blog into a book is on your mind you can incorporate cooking tips for recipes in your book. This can become a reason why readers must purchase your book.

You must ensure that you find the right publisher who is willing to publish your book. As a blogger turned author you can enjoy fame the two mediums has to offer.

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