Top 10 tips to make money in Blogging


Money Making Via Blogging

These days internet is a good platform to earn extra cash or if you work a little hard you can turn the web into your primary source of income. Here are some top tips to help you earn online from internet, follow them to optimize and increase your income.

Top 10 tips to make money

1. Start a blog- you will not become a millionaire by writing articles online, however, you can accumulate enough online content to generate significant amount of money through Google Adsense. The other advantage is you can promote your products and services through your blog. Blog pages give you space for discrete advertisements and affiliate programs and you get paid for sponsored posts and reviews.


2. Start a Small Business- start a small business. If you know of some business that you want it to be available for sale, like food shop, a babysitter, animal care taker etc then spread the word out through a website and start offering your key clients with free coupons. Post their endorsements on your website and earn money.
3. Affiliate Marketing- affiliate marketing is displaying ads from various companies and for which you will be paid every time a visitor clicks on these ads. They are pay per click programs in which search engines place ads on your site to appeal to your market.
4. Sell arts and crafts online- when you possess any talent like making jewelry, arts and crafts then make them and sell them on online stores.Some things you can make are tee shirts for kids, designer works on dresses for girls etc. Sell them online on sites like “Etsy”, “Artfire” etc.


5. Sell Photos- Are you a good photographer? If yes, it is possible to earn money online by selling photos which you have clicked. All you need to do is to license them to microstock agencies like iStockphoto and Shutterstock etc. Web designers purchase the best photographs and you will make a decent amount of money. Some of the popular photograph categories are food, sport, nature etc.
6. Online Tutoring- if you are experienced in tutoring, then you can earn money online. All you will need is a fast internet connection and PC with video chat software. Online tutoring is in good demand for college and grad students, especially those who specialize in tutoring for subject like math, science, finance etc.
7. Freelancing- freelancing is a good way to earn money if you are a web designer or a writer. There are many opportunities for people who want to excel in writing about health, finance, technology, finance, business etc.
8. Direct ad sales- selling ads directly to other business and competitors who are interested in getting their ads viewed by your blog visitors will help you earn a lot of money online. However, the amount you charge for the ads will be based on the amount of traffic your site gets.
9.Buy domains and sell them to interested people- domains are popular on the internet and you can earn money through them. Small and large businesses are ever ready to pay for popular domains. Take advantage of this and earn money. Buy a generic domain that will cost you as less as $10 and then search for designers who like to buy the rights to the domain. You can sell it for $150 or more. If you do this quite often then you will learn lots of money.
10.Newsletter advertising- if you are knowledgeable and interested on a particular topic then start sending email newsletter on the topic you have good knowledge on and start making money. Let people sign up to your email newsletter on your blog. When people visit your blog or site and if they are interested in the topic you have written, they will sign up for it and when it grows, you can contact advertisers and sell the space in your newsletter.

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