Top 10 Ways to Optimally Setup the CCTV Security for Your Office Premises

Optimally Setup the CCTV Security for Your Office Premises

CCTV Security for Your Office Premises

Crime rates are increasing as time progresses. It has become extremely important to incorporate security features in your business environment. Leakage of important data and entrance of unauthorised people affect your business adversely and may result in massive losses.


Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV) are widely used for security purpose in several offices. It is a highly effective method of surveillance and security. These cameras, when placed at different locations in your office premises, help you monitor people entering or leaving and your office property.


Different features can be incorporated and an optimal CCTV set up can be obtained. You can easily access CCTV at your office premises while watching Sat TV Direct.


Following are the top 10 ways in which you can optimally set up the CCTV security for your office premises.

1.     Watch Your CCTV Cameras

After installing your CCTV cameras you should connect them with your television set. You can do this with the help an RCA connector. This helps in continuous monitoring of live feeds or you can use DVRs as mentioned below.

2.     Use Covert Cameras

CCTV technology has improved a lot in past few years. You can now install CCTV in many covert places for more efficient and effective security for your office premises. You can hide these advanced cameras in your office equipment. As they don’t attract people’s attention, these covert cameras are clearly able to capture the culprit’s face while theft or any other bad deed.

3.     View CCTV Remotely

Remote viewing means that only authorised people are able to view the video feeds from locations away from the office. You can configure remote viewing using a router or by using a computer directly. Both these ways make use of internet protocols to get the job done.

4.     Use of DVRs in Your CCTV

Now, DVRs have become a standard feature in an optimal CCTV setup. They help in recording live feeds in hard disks, which are received by closed circuit televisions.  It is important to use good quality DVRs with improved capabilities. You can find several types of DVRs, differing in sizes and the way they connect in to the entire system.

5.     Use a Personal Computer Setup

You can also use a DVR as part of a PC setup. This helps your DVR in conjunction with your CCTV to use different computer hardware and programs. The DVR is added to the PC setup in form of an additional graphic card. Maximum numbers of cameras that can be accommodated by a single DVR card depends on its processing, capacity, and its size. Hence if you want to include several cameras in your setup to process many video streams, you require one DVR with a large capacity or many DVRs.

6.     Boost your DVR Capabilities through Software

Different software used along with the PC setup help boost your DVR’s capabilities. When a PC setup is used, technologies such as light sensors and motion sensors can be used. Software that supports these sensors, detects changes in the video frames, and trigger actions that are required. For example if the software notices darkening of video frames it can trigger an action such as switching the lights on.


You won’t need to leave your favorite series while watching Sat TV Direct and manually perform these tasks because the surveillance will manage certain tasks and record activity in the facility.     

7.     Use the Right Equipment

It is important that use right DVR equipment that supports the number of cameras that you incorporate in the whole setup. It is wrong to assume that a well chosen PC will handle all the video processing. You need to make sure that your system includes large RAM storage and a very powerful CPU. Video compression can be used in order to store the video files much efficiently.

8.     IP Connectivity

The new, much advanced flash storage disks can be used in place of hard disks that uses revolving tapes placed inside a circuited enclosure. This new advanced feature enables use of the internet as a means of media transfer infrastructure.

9.     Focus Indicators for your CCTV

Sometimes it is the case that a CCTV camera is unable to focus correctly. Using a focus indicator in the system helps improve CCTV’s functionality.

10.                       Test Monitor

It is another additional tool, which is a better alternative to a focus indicator. It provides extra features such as adjusting contrast and brightness of CCTV.

All these features help in achieving an optimal CCTV security setup for your office premises and make monitoring a much easier job.


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