Top 20 Essential SEO Addons In 2013

SEO Addons In 2013

The Firefox is a web browser that works on most of the popular operating systems; these include Microsoft windows, Mac and Linux systems. It is on version 18.0.1 and is a browser by the Mozilla Company. Moreover, Mozilla is a free and a very safe browser used by several end users. Most of these users, through forums and reviews, have confirmed its efficiency.

Top 20 Essential SEO Addons In 2013

The one thing that makes Firefox to be so popular with most internet goers is the ability to customize it. Depending on what you need, additional themes and add-ons can be made on the Firefox browser so as to modify it. To most internet marketers and blog users who want to heighten traffic to their sites and blogs, one key element that is required of them to focus on is the SEO (search engine optimization). The SEO makes it easy for one to search, research and surf around, thus saving time that one may take to surf online before getting what he or she wanted.

Here, we are going to take a look at some of the essential Firefox SEO addons in 2013.

1. SEO Doctor: This add-on enables you to view how a certain website that you may have visited is being optimized in terms of SEO and it offers a trouble-free diagnosis of SEO problems. It also provides solutions for common SEO difficulties.

2. SenSEO: This add-on analyses page of the web then shows you how well they fulfill on the page search engine optimization criterion.

3. Foxy SEO Tool: This enables you to access several well known SEO tools like yahoo, Google, Bing, Site Explorer etc. You not only access the common SEO tools, but also the web traffic analysis sites like Compete, Quantcast and Alexa. As well as the statistic aggregators like WebSite and Quackbase. Foxy SEO Tool helps in checking a sites listing in various directories.

4. SEOpen: This includes backlink tools for yahoo and Google with HTTP header viewer and PageRank checker.

5. KGen: This is a keyword generator. As the name suggests, it lets a user to see the keys that are leading on the web pages that you use.

6. SEO stats: This allows you to analyze the popularity of your website. You are able to know the exact number of links that are available through the social network and the number of pages and backlinks being indexed in the search engines.

7. Niche Watch Tool: With this, you are able to get vital information that will help you beat your online competition. It does so by tracking backlink numbers, page rank, keyword occurrences and indexed pages.

8. Money Quake: This SEO add-on enables you to display the statistics of your real time earning from the popular advertisement systems like the AdSence.

9. SEO Tools: It collects those useful tools used for search engine optimization.

10. SEO Monitor: It monitors useful information for SEO and are displayed on the status bar.

11. SEO Live YS Rank: This is a live search rank that is great for search marketing and keyword research.

12. KPRMS Toolbar: This is an add-on which assists in ranking of website and keyword monitoring for Google, Bing and yahoo.

13. SEO Info: This provides information on the site you visited. You get to know all the backlinks, link report, page rank, indexed pages, pages reported on the social network, Alexa rank and much more information.

14. SEO status: The add-on shows the status of Yandex TYC and Google PR in the status bar. Here, the information is able to load automatically or by just a click.

15. Affilorama SEO Toolbar: This helps you in making your page and domain analysis much easier. This is done by providing important information and data regarding your page and domain.

16. SEOHand: for any particular keyword, this add-on keeps records of placement of a site on the Google and yahoo. You can also view Backlink, Google PageRank and Saturation over a certain period of time.

17. Swootsy SEO Tools: This is an add-on hat automatically shows gives you the page rank of a site on Google and the ranking of Alexa.

18. SeoQuake Extension: This is an extension that allows users to investigate and obtain diverse SEO parameters. The user then compares the parameters and saves them for future use.

19. SEO Professional Toolbar: What makes this add-on unique from the rest of add-ons is the fact that it can store history of ranks for the chosen sites. Otherwise, it offers other SEO related tools.

20. SEO workers Web page Tool: Here, the user has the capability of performing basic analysis of a particular page on your Firefox browser.

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