Top 5 Best Android Apps For Games Lovers

Entertainment plays a vital role in refreshment of mind, today in the times of Android based platform we have many gadgets and ways to keep ourselves entertained. Android games are becoming more and more popular day by day. Google Play itself has billions apps for fulfilling one’s demand of gaming of any category. We have many apps available for gaming on various sites and it is quite difficult to choose the best among them. Here some top desirous Gaming

Apps for game lovers have been described.

1. Angry Birds Rio Gaming App:

In these games there are three characters Rio, and her two friends Blu and Jewel. In it the original birds have been kidnapped and sent to the place Rio de Janeiro. Once again craze for lovable avian adventures is going to continue.

Angry Birds Rio

This game is an extended part of the angry bird’s series. This physics- oriented game takes inspiration from the original film with some more interesting twists.

2. Flick Soccer App:

This game is based on the real soccer game. Its App gives a lifelike experience and you feel the excitement of a real game of soccer. This feeling is enhanced by the unique control on ball throwing and goalkeeping.


Its pinpoint accuracy and gorgeous graphics will definitely push you to stay on this gaming platform. Full Fat flick control has made this game for everyone and it offers an individuality of its kind. Every age group person will love this game.

3. Replica Island:

This game is full of hurdles, where you find 40 challenges. You have to cross them and reach Professor Kabochanomizu who is waiting for your help.

Replica Island
He has created a green Robot with a rocket in his feet, and you have to cross three stage hurdles. Its non chronological organization is great. It is a high rated game, used by many as it has a beautiful story inside it with gaming apart.

4. Newton:

This is one of the finest physics game, we should seriously thank its Map Editor for building a game like this. It has lots of features in which some are, 97 levels to complete, online high score, great retro 3D sharing, map editing and map sharing. The basic theme of this game is to shoot the particle gun and hit your target.


There are different types of hurdles like the green blocks which will block your path and you need to use your tactics to win the game. Overall this game is awesome to play.

5. GT Racing Motor Academy:

Racing is always been the best game for any game lover as it has many challenges. This app has the finest graphic, lots of cars available to choose, apart from that many challenging levels which have made this game totally realistic.


It has no technical issues. Almost every level of game, visibility and handling is entirely customizable. So you can load it to your phone and should start enjoying it.

These were some apps which will help you to play every kind of game on your Android Device. It has brain-drain game, smooth challenge facing game and racing type games too. This complete unique collection will certainly entertain you.

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  1. I really love to enjoy angry bird game on my tab, when i use to be free i usually play it. Thanks Kuldeep for this awesome list, i will definitely try the other app mentioned in the post.

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