Top 5 expert SEO tips for beginners

Top 5 expert SEO tips for beginners

Top 5 expert SEO tips for beginners

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is all about making a website search engine friendly and modifying the contents to attract more traffic. SEO friendly websites ensures higher ranking and better visibility after being placed in notable search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. There is no such thing as SEO experts; in fact, no body is an expert in this particular field but simply interpreters. Big SEO firms are very common these days that offer SEO services for big budgets.

Top 5 expert SEO tips for beginners

But, is it really required to invest such big bucks while approaching bigger firms for search engine optimization purpose? SEO is no rocket science; understanding it takes not much of time. And then, it’s all about yourself. In the following lines, top five SEO tips are shared for beginners. Follow these tips and make websites search engine friendly, thus ensuring higher traffic content and better visibility.

Focusing on the Meta Tags issue

Meta Tags are extremely important for search engine optimization process. A lot of people may not agree with this fact. They will say that using Meta Tags have been restricted by Google. But this is not true at all. It’s a hoax and wrong assumption. Always remember that Meta Tags are a must for web/blog posts. They need to be always added in the posts. Meta Tags are nothing but simply a small group that comprises of three to four keywords, related very closely to the post content. Although such tags can be added in plenty, but the best results can be obtained if Meta Tag count is kept below five.

Determining the Link Types

There are mainly 2 Link Types: DoFollow and NoFollow. Each and every website need to have balanced number of NoFollow and DoFollow links. However, newer blog sites should focus primarily on getting more of DoFollow links from bigger and reputed blogs. Every other links should be given a “NoFollow” attribute.

Emphasizing on the Title Tag

Title Tag plays an important role for on-page search engine optimization process. A formidable and matching title is important to make the blog popular and enjoy more traffic content. And make sure that the suitable keywords are used in the title tag. These keywords should also be present in the blog content. There should never be any similar title with other content present in the blog site. This can result in creating serious confusion for crawlers.


A proper heading tag in the search engine optimization process is very crucial and can play important role in determining a site’s success. Heading tag rangers mainly from – ; determines the biggest font and highlights the smallest texts. Always remember; there need to have only a single tag in blog post (most commonly the title). All the other headings need to be written within the

It is always necessary to get some quality amount of backlinks from reputed and bigger blog sites. With higher backlinks, it is naturally expected that the Pagerank will improve.

Following these five tips will ensures proper SEO for fresh blog sites.

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