Top 5 Windows Phone

Top 5 Windows Phone

Although the number of Windows based smart phones are less, when compared to the Android based smart phones, the number is going to increase sooner. It is because more and more companies is announcing smart phones based on Windows OS. Also, Microsoft has upgraded the version of its mobile operating system.

If you are looking for Windows based mobiles, then the following list will help you to find the best ones among the available ones:

Nokia Lumia 900 Mobile:
Nokia is one of the leading manufacturers of mobile handsets and in order to keep up its top position, it has released best mobile on Windows platform. This Lumia 900 Mobile is having few pros and few cons also. It can support faster data transfer over LTE networks. It is having versatile camera with great features. Another highlight feature of this mobile is its AMOLED display. Coming to the downsides, it is not having 1080p video recording features. So the users have to compromise with low quality video recording. When compared to Android Market or iOS App Market, Windows Market is still missing some features and apps.

Samsung Focus S Mobile:
Although Samsung is noted for its Android series of phones, it has also released Windows based phones. This Focus S Mobile phone runs on Windows and is having some extraordinary features. It is provided with 8 megapixels resolution camera on the rear side. It is able to give smooth performance. AMOLED type of display on this mobile is of excellent quality. Coming to its cons, Samsung Focus S is having plastic body, which is not much attractive. While making calls, users have reported faint hiss in the background. On the whole, this Windows phone has some limitations because of its Windows Phone 7 OS.

Samsung Focus Flash Mobile:
As the name suggests, it is another mobile under the series of Focus Mobiles from Samsung. This mobile phone is reported to be faster device when compared to other mobiles running on Windows Phone 7 operating system. It is having 4G or LTE connectivity features also. On the downside, Samsung Focus Flash mobile is not having high quality camera. And the buttons are also of spongy type. If the customers want to purchase this Windows based mobile, then they have to compromise with poor quality camera.

Samsung Focus Mobile:
It is the main mobile of Focus Series of devices from Samsung. This mobile phone is having some decent specs and is attracting the users who are looking for Windows based phones. This mobile is having excellent camera specs and is provided with AMOLED type of display. Cons of Samsung Flash mobile include, but not limited to, poor call quality and lack of fully fledged apps and features compared to other mobiles.

HTC Radar 4G Mobile:
HTC is also offering Windows based mobile in the form of Radar 4G Mobile. It is having crisp display and stylish design. When compared to other mobiles, usage of this mobile is very easy and simple. But on the downside, this mobile suffers from cons like non-removable battery and inability to expand memory.

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