Top Chef: Ghost Rider Or Human Torch

In This Article, Maybe you are expecting a contest or cooking show with fire of vengeance for your eyes. Exactly I’m gonna show up a cooking show with ghost rider vs human torch!, Yes Top Chef: Ghost Rider Or Human Torch

Lets Fire Up!

Ghost Rider

How could ghost rider fire up when he senses evil spirit?
Lighting Up his whole body with fire. And curse the sinner with eternal fire. Or maybe he is busy cooking dishes for his wife (i heard he is widower) :P

Top Chef: Ghost Rider Or Human Torch






Human Torch

How about human torch fire up when he is intend to enter action? Or to get a female fans?
Engulf his whole body to fly free in midair to wipe evils ***. If you want Hot Pizza in time can call him, no matter what traffic in your Big city. I guess already spider man working on it!





Human Torch Producing 4000 kelvin in Movie

We know both our super heroes relays on fire, ghost rider works only at night! But human torch has an ability to work day and night. He can produce 4000 kelvin heat = supernova in the Fantastic four movie in the heat resistant chamber. That heat resistance chamber really controls the heat of 4000 k? If it is, i bet that chamber element is not listed under periodic table. And ghost rider’s thermal power is yet unknown.
Ghost raider’s costume is a cool Black Jacket which doesn’t burns from his fire, but our human torch need a specially designed suit which wont burn on fire. and i like to order that suit for my wedding :P
In fantastic four, Human torch can’t deal alone with a Great Powerful villain on Marvel Universe “Galactus” even four fantastic heroes is questionable?

Ghost Rider

Ghost rider use his Penance Stare at Galactus, If Galactus would have ever made a mistakes he would be burned in the fire of vengeance. But actually Galactus is not a sinner, He needs to intake a living planets to survive. thats why ghost rider can’t kill Galactus, even though he could have intake planets which the resources are renewable¬†and nonexistence of aliens as referred by Dr. Reed Richard one of the wise fantastic four member. So Galactus gets paralyzed by ghost rider and grant humans to penance for the collateral damage for the universe.




Ghost Rider Wields an enchanted chain and a Hellfire shotgun. And Human torch is cunning and smart.

Who knows, Maybe they use cooking application in home or restaurant! :P






I Wonder Who Eats Who’s Dish?


Absolutely its Ghost Rider, Who eats Human Torch’s Toasted Dish?


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  1. as crazy as it is, but its not ralely a wheely imo. he’s got like 500hp at the wheel and tons of drag cosidering its naked, he ralely just positions his body untill the air pulls the bike up.

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  2. That base gtuiar is just incredible. I’m glad I spent my late teens in the U.K. during that musical revolution.

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