Turning Your Smart Phone into a Handheld Expense Tracker

Budgeting is a challenge for even the most fiscally minded person. The reason why is that an effective budgeter is aware of every purchase and expense versus what they actually have in the bank account. Most people are impulse buyers and don’t have the automatic discipline or internal calculator to track their spending. This is why the idea of a smart phone app that turns your phone into a handheld expense tracker is so expensive. Here are some great apps in 2012 that can help turn you into a budgeting guru.

Expense Manager For Android

Expense Manager is an app developed by Bishinews. Its most recent update was September 17, 2012. The app has good reviews on Google Play. The app allows you to track expenses daily, monthly, and yearly. In addition, Expense Manager allows you to take pictures of receipts and even schedule withdrawals and payments from you bank account to cover expenses. The app also provides charts and graphs to help users analyze their spending habits and track streams of income. All data gets stored directly on the phone or in a cloud-based dropbox for access from multiple devices.

XpenseTracker For iPhone and iPad

If you are an Apple user needing to keep track of business expenses, this is the app for you. The XpenseTracker app is an app developed by Silverware Software. The app has many features such as daily, monthly, and yearly tracking of expenses as well as mileage for gas cost purposes. Like most Apple apps it has syncing capability across all Apple computers and devices so you can view expense reports on your Mac, iPad, and iPod Touch as well. Like the Expense Manager app, you can take pictures of receipts and save expense report information in a cloud-based dropbox or on your smart phone. In addition, you can sort the report data by category such as payment type, and date and type of expense. The most current version is 7.0 which got released Sept. 30, 2012.

Toshl Finance Expense Tracker

The Toshl Finance Expense Tracker is an app that works to make tracking your expenses and planning budgets fun and easy. You can set up expense trackers for one-time, daily, and weekly scenarios as well as biweekly and monthly. To make things interesting the app provides fun facts and jokes. Expense entry is simple and easy to pick up. In addition it has a currency converter and can support several budget accounts so you can track expenses for business as well as your personal finances. A unique feature for this Android app is its ability to sync across multiple devices. This is something you normally see with only Apple apps on the iOS operating system. It also allows you to export expense reports to PDF, Google Docs, Excel, and CSV for multi-platform formatting. This is a must if you need to create expense reports for work.

All of these apps are available on iTunes and Google Play as well as on their home websites. Taking control of your finances is now easier than ever.

Darren Bechard is a freelance writer and independent researcher. He mainly writes about personal finance and enjoys sharing his tips and insights on numerous blogs. Visit www.Wonga.com for more personal finance options.

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