Using Long Tailed Keywords on Niche Topics for Top SEO Rankings



The keywords you choose to implement when devising your SEO strategy play a monumental role. The major mistake a lot of people make is that they choose to use a key phrase based on the mere calculation that it is searched a lot. Of course in the grand scheme of things you need to make sure that your key phrase is getting searched regularly, otherwise it will have a null effect. However, you need to put a lot more thought into your keywords than just this.

After all, if the phrase is being searched extensively then it’s likely that competition is high and thus you will be competing against a monumental number of web pages. This means that your website may be left in the shadows and ignored, and thus ultimately your keyword is the not effective. The answer to this problem is to use long tailored keywords that are based on niche topics.

First let’s deal with why long tailored keywords are beneficial. For example, you may have narrowed down “live music London” as your keyword. However, using “best places to watch live music in London” is likely to prove to be more advantageous. You still utilise all of your initial keywords, yet at the same time you actually reduce competition and have a chance of ranking up higher on the search engine result pages.

You need to hit the right balance between keywords that are searched frequently, yet also keywords that do not have extensive competition. Short generic keywords provide you with a lot of search frequency but the sheer level of competition gives you no chance. Long tailored keywords reduce the competition dramatically – providing you with the optimum balance. Of course the frequency of the keyword being searched will fall too, but this won’t be to an extent that will diminish your SEO successfulness if you choose wisely.

In addition to this, picking niche topics helps because you have a much greater chance of your viewers converting into customers. If you use generic keywords then they may not actually be completely relevant to the products you are selling. Thus, whilst you could get visitors to your website, you may also get a high bounce rate as well. By picking niche key phrases you guarantee that those who search the words are definitely looking for the products you are selling. Therefore your conversion rate is assured to be enhanced.

As you can see, there is nothing to be gained by simply unearthing the key phrase that brings in the most Google searches. You need to find the perfect equilibrium. Obviously a high volume of searches is imperative; however this can only be successful if teamed with a relatively low level of competition. Moreover, you need to ensure your key phrases are niche so that they are relevant to your business and actually increase your conversion rate. By opting for long tailored keywords on niche topics you give yourself the best chance of developing a SEO strategy that reaches optimum success levels for your company.

About Author: Kevin Cull finds the search engine optimisation technique very interesting. In his free time, he loves to read SEO tutorials to know about the new trends.

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