How to watch Free Full Length Movies Online

Movies seem to be one of the best modes of entertainment, although some people don’t really like to watch movies, whereas we have some others who are addicts. Movies is a sort of material that gives you a sense of relaxation, all movie is built on the basis of entertainment, but the additives added are; information, education, comedy etc.

There are different modes of movie watching, one of them is going to the Cinema, another is buying a CD/DVD which is called home video, and the third being online.

Although, the three methods serve their own purposes and each of them has its pros and cons.

For example, some people are fond of watching movies where so much people are present, so that they will laugh and make the noise together, which is the fun for them; others love to stay in the corner of their room to watch whatever. One disadvantage is that, you may wish to watch a particular movie at a time, but the Cinema shows the one it had on its time table, then you have to start looking round the movie store to get it. But for the online portal, with just a click, you stand a chance of bring your desired movie to your staple, all you need to do, is to sit down relax and watch the full length movies

Unfortunately, not all online portals offers free full length movies, most of them will have to take a token away from you before you are able to watch the movie.
One advantage of the online portal is that, most times, it offers movies that are just releasing that you may not find at movie marts, as well as old movies that are evergreen that had left the mart a long time ago.

In this article, I bring you 10 of those websites that allows you Watch Free Full Length Movies.

Some of these websites will require you to sign up and they are movie directories that will take you t where the movie had been uploaded, and after that all, you just make your search and selection, then sit back to enjoy series of free full length movies.


This website offers information about each movies, allows you to free full length movie, and you are to rate the movie based accuracy and video quality. No movie is hosted on this site; it just uses its crawler to gather databases of movies whenever you go to search. The site requires you to download DivX web player as most of its movies format supports that player. The movies here are not categorized with names, genre, year, language, popularity etc. There you get a detailed summary of each movie with its duration and year of production.

2. iMovieTube

You are able to watch 100% free full length movies on this website, the video streaming is super fast with its high quality iMT player. iMovieTube list its movies in 18 different genres, and amazingly, you watch movies on this site without even buffering. To me, it seems this website is the best online Cinema to watch movies legally.

3. YouTube Movies

A video sharing website founded on February 2005 by Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim and Steve Chen, three formal PayPal employees. The website allows you to upload watch and share videos, and till today, it remains the most popular and widely used video watching and sharing site. The website provides you with a search tool in which you will need to type in the name of the movie you sick after which it brings you related results and then you select and start watching or share.

4. Crackle

This is a digital entertainment network and studio that features free full length movies and TV shows. Owned by Sony Picture Entertainment, which is why most content you will find in its library is from Sony. The website supports marketable videos streamed in flash video formats; it also offers content via web syndication network that includes other video sharing sites like Hulu, YouTube, AOL, MySpace full movies tv online

5. MovieFoundOnline
This website will search free full length videos and documentaries that are available online for you to instantly watch. This website sources its video from Google video, Youtube etc with no online streaming supported. Free public domain movies, cartoon, documentaries and TV shows are also available.


On, you get a link to TV shows, movies, sports, cartoons and music videos. The site is not a movie database, but it offers you a link to other streaming video sharing sites.

7. MoviePlanet

This website is a social media for movie addicts and provides a platform to watch, download and share free full length videos. The site categorizes the movies into features like; Latest, New and Hit movies. The movie site also enables you to keep cart and brings you new movie lists with suggestions as well as celebrities biographies.

This article has been able to provide you with a list of world best 7 websites that allows you watch free full length movies and other videos, most of the site will play the movie in a HD display, some of the sites are already known and popular, while some are coming to you for the very first time, take your time to go through this article and see the uniqueness of the sites, sit back, relax and watch a free full length movie online on your computer.

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