Top 5 ways to decorate your office

Your office reflects your personality. Keep it simple, clutter free and positive by adding motivational quotes to your desk or bulletin boards. Here are top 5 ways to decorate your office.



1.Use a theme

You could use a theme to decorate your office which could be a reflection of both your personal and professional life, say or example if you run a travel agency you could decorate your office using old maps and postcards. Put them up on your bulletin boards or below your desk glass. This is an innovative as well as a cost effective way to decorate your office. You could also use photos of your family, by placing them below the glass of your desk. Decorate your desk but in a simple way to keep it clutter free as it is also your workplace. There should be enough space to work on your desk. Also use plastic components to hide the messy tangle of connecting your office pc or laptop. Keep your stationary assembled in drawers. For your desk and to fill the empty spaces on your shelves you could use miniature globes, simple sculptures or even your child’s craft class items. Get an appropriate mobile phone holder for your desk and place it at an accessible position.


2.Set up an appropriate book shelf

Set up a book shelf and use some interesting books to fill it. The books must relate to your profession, for example interior decorators must have home décor magazines and books on their shelves, fashion designers should fill them with fashion catalogues and it goes likewise for other professions as well.


3.Use artwork

Decorate walls using artwork that conveys the message you want to deliver. The painting of a running horse or horses which relates to success is often used as an office artwork. Your art collection is an extension of your personality, so select it likewise. Once you are done selecting these art pieces, place them at eye level at a proportionate distance with respect to the wall.


4.Decorate using plants

Plants can brighten up the dull environment; also remove unnecessary toxins providing fresh air Place them near the windows or on window sills so that they have enough sunlight supply. Plants enhance the beauty of your workplace, but select these plants wisely. Do not choose plants that are very sensitive, you could use small bamboos, if you are looking forward to reducing the carbon dioxide content in your office look for leafy plants such as areca palm, kentia palm that will serve your purpose.


Buy comfortable and matching furniture

Visit an office supply store to buy extra chairs for visitors in your office. Ensure that these chairs match the rest of the furniture in your office. You could also buy them from second hand furniture shop to get a good bargain. Always buy a comfortable ergonomic, back and neck supporting chair for yourself as you’re going to spend most of your day sitting on it.

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