Web designing tips to make your website glitter

 Web designing tips to make your website glitter 

Web Design Tips

You might have seen hundreds of websites in your lifetime that are sported with unique and amazing designs that appeal to the users a lot. Sometimes you might have also witnessed websites with a chaotic look that in real words frustrate the viewer. If you are planning to plunge into the world of web, you must get familiar with some essential and basic designing rules and guidelines that will help you design your website in a timeless fashion.

Designing tips

  1. 1.       Begin with creating the overall design pattern

There are generally two levels at which a website is designed. These two levels are coding and designing. Some people start with coding the website. But if at some point, changes in designs have to be made, and then you have to recode the website that will take extra time and effort. Therefore it is advised that you should complete the designing first and then proceed to code the website.


  1. 2.       Produce easily readable content

After getting finished with designing and coding, the next step is to make sure the design is checked before putting it up as HTML. Make your design finalized before the coding level. Images and graphics to be used should be resized and placed accordingly to get the attention of the visitors. The content written should be in clearly visible text. Font style and size should appropriate to best fit the page. Remember the content should be reproduced in easily understandable vocabulary without any grammatical mistake. Important points should be highlighted well to capture the reader’s attention.

  1. 3.       Implement sufficient CSS

After finalizing the design, you can proceed to use it as a reference to code the website with the help of HTML. While coding your website, do not only stick to HTML because websites full of HTML gets more time to load and might annoy the users. You can make use of CSS tricks and techniques to cut down the oversized pages and to make the site more compatible with popular internet browsers. You can Google to learn CSS basic techniques that might be incorporated while designing the website.



  1. 4.       Incorporate appropriate image formats


While designing the website, you will need to transfer graphics, art, and images from various sources to the editor of website. Before transferring files, make sure that the graphics and images to be transferred are in the appropriate file format. It is advised to use JPEG file format for photos and PNG format for other art pieces and graphic items. GIF format can also be used as a replacement for PNG.



Final words

Apart from the above mentioned basic designing tips, you can look for more in-depth tutorials, lessons, and guides that would teach you step by step in designing your website. The above guidelines will help you to begin designing the site with much ease and comfort without getting panicked. For more professional like results, you can install software solely developed for the purpose of designing the site to better help you in making your site prettier.

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