What Makes Annoying Your Blog Visitors

What Makes Annoying Your Blog Visitors,

Greeting To My Fellow Bloggers And Newbie Bloggers, Here i came with 7 ways that your blog probably annoying your blog visitors. Now you can optimize your blog and get daily visitors by attractive blog of yours. At first i blogged using poor web design and lots of images, Who else visit my blog in that kind of “Creepy Design”. Now i hope somehow managed to optimize my webdesign with few more workout. Lets get what we need to “Do” and “Do Not” for our blog visitors.

Why I’m Losing My Blog Visitors, Why My Blog In Lack Of Traffics ?

Web Design And Template Color

Use Suitable Theme


Blog design and color scheme is very important to attract visitors. If blog/website has a contrasting color scheme, then forget about visitors for your business website. It is very essential to attract visitor for a website to increase traffic.

  • Choose Your Web Design Related To Your Business.
  • Use Descent Color For Professional Look
  • White Works Perfect



No Response For Readers Comment

Why No Reply?


We always write content to help others and to acknowledge our blog which would help them  move forward but we failed to reply for the queries from visitors. If they don’t get reply, that’s an insult. That’s rude. We, as a bloggers should not abandon our readers. some Bloggers do comment to link back to theirs sites. Let them do comment, and comments like thank you, thanks for sharing, Great, like this way  giving a thank for useful post in order to greet them in simple way.


  • Do Reply To The Comment.
  • Use Friendly language While Negotiation.
  • You Don’t Need To Reply For The Comment like “Thanks For Sharing” Let Them Do Comment To Greet You.
  • Avoid Captcha Or Hard Captcha.
  • Avoid Disqus Commenting System.
  • Use Follow Up Comment Features.

Slow Loading Times

Slow Loading Timing


If your sites takes too much of time to load, readers automatically switch to another site. And no matter what your content found on 1st place in Google search engine. But I’ve added too many images on this content :( probably Annoying Your Blog Visitors

  • Avoid Unnecessary Images On Your Website (or)
  • Try To Reduce your Image size, If Images Are Necessary



Too Many Ads

Too Many Ads


Do not let the visitors know about your serious intention on blogging is about Ad revenue. If you do, your visitors think there shouldn’t be any worthy information in this blog. This is not i meant bloggers/website owners to avoid ads, Blog/website which looks odd without ads.

  • Two Ads Enough Per Page
  • Do Not Put Your Ads Inside Your Content


Pop Ups Annoying

Stop Popping Out!!!


Pop ups are the worst thing that ever annoy me in my life. When we are curious about playing online games or reading interesting stuff, this Pop Ups drive us nuts. Of course we hate it. There is some people still don’t care about pop ups while watching porn online.

  • Do Not Force Visitors To Sign Up Using Pop Ups
  • Do Not Put Your Ads On Pop Ups To Increase Revenue(if you are a Adsense user, you will be banned for sure)
  • Do Not Use Pop Ups Opening Different Page On Your Own Site.

Constant Jump

On Time


If you are blogging often, please keep  going. If you stop or take long gap, this interrupt may make you lose your daily visitors. Daily Visitors are the true source for a blog/website success. I love comics like Naruto, bleach., they air weekly chapter every Thursday(shonen jump). I used to read comics on particular site for 6 months, On one Thursday that site failed to publish the comics on time. Now i switched to another comic site. This is what happen to blogger when they are not constant. Exactly, all blogger cant write articles often.


  • Post your Articles Daily Or Post your articles Weekly.
  • Try To Write Articles for Constant Jump.
  • Write An Article In Advance And Post It Later For Constant Jump


No Proper Alignment On content

Decorate Professionally


Write a content with good alignment and use related images. Make sure how your post looks like. some blog has a good content but alignment is worst and annoying. Once my blog was annoyed by alignment, scribbled my content  in blog. And i hope now my blog looks better.

  • Use Preview Features Before Posting
  • Design Your Content
  • Decorate Your Article Professionally



Stop Annoying Your Blog Visitors. And Enjoy Blogging


Author: I.G.Pradeep

Responsive Web Designer, SEO and Software Developer at Bangalore. Passionate Blogger and Entrepreneur. Passionate @ Science, Technology, Comics and more. i.g.pradeep@elitefox.org +91 - 889 - 247 - 0758

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