Why Business Bloggers are Flocking to Pinterest at a Record Pace

Business Bloggers are Flocking to Pinterest at a Record Pace



There is a new kid on the block with regard to social networks, and that newcomer is called Pinterest. This rapidly expanding social network is essentially a virtual pinboard that allows one to share as well as organize all of the visually appealing images found on the web. This highly popular virtual pinboard can be used for organizing recipes, tracking shopping deals, and even to plan weddings. It is a clever networking idea that also allows users to browse other people\’s pinboards. Perhaps the greatest advantage to business owners using Pinterest is the ability to add a dynamic, visual and very appealing element to one\’s web presence. Giving special attention to visual details is truly the key to leveraging the power of Pinterest.

Why Business Bloggers are Flocking to Pinterest at a Record Pace 

Every business should have a good and well defined social media marketing strategy, and here are a few easy tips for getting a business on the fast track to being more visually appealing through the use of Pinterest.

One of the first steps in successfully using Pinterest to make a business more visually appealing is to properly set up an account. Once the account set up has been completed, then it\’s time to incorporate \”Pin It\” share buttons with other current social media sites. Then set up your initial board and begin pinning.

An important note is that it is always a good idea to add keywords and categories to help people find your board. One word of caution regarding copyright rules is to read the terms and conditions for acceptable pinning conduct.   In addition, there are a host of other important strategies for making a business site truly more visually appealing. Start by pinning across a wide range of boards, and always remember to follow and repin often.

It is always a good idea to space out pinning activity to allow for a more natural flow, and add appropriate web links to image descriptions. Enough cannot be said about good manners and being polite, especially when pinning, so always offer a kind word and a thank you when appropriate. To be a good social networker, always remember to like other pins and comment. One good technique that is commonly used is to include a call-to-action when business pinning. Always strive to be original and when possible pin original images and content.

The core principle for getting great results from Pinterest is to be absolutely certain that your content is visually unique, noticeable and highly visual. Always choose stunning and memorable images for your board, and when possible pin a variety of images, and even an occasional video. Try to keep things as basic as possible by offering simple, clear and engaging visual images, as well as unique and inspiring text. In addition, there are several image design tools that are available, including Pixlr and Pinstamatic. Finally, it is always a good idea to track your followers recent activity and likes. Pinterest is clearly becoming a powerful social media tool for business. By incorporating a few simple strategies like always remembering to follow and repin often, a business owner will easily succeed in making their business more visually appealing online with Pinterest.

About the Author: Mike B is an entrepreneur that is intrigued with how social networks influence consumers, which in turn has an influence on how companies advertise.

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