Why Should We Avoid Buying Google Adsense From Third Party

Buying Adsense Won’t work

Greeting To My Readers, Fellow Bloggers And Newbie Bloggers, Today i came up with useful tips to keep your online Advertisement business long turn on Google adsense ” Avoid Buying Google Adsense From Third Party “. Why should we buy a Google adsense for non approved website by Google, anyway Google going to ban a site which is non approved website by google. Here are some facts



Avoid Buying Google Adsense From Third Party

Google Adsense Criteria

Do you think getting Google Adsense for your website from third party will approach Adsense by your Website? I say “NO”  They Simply use another domain to approach Google adsense to get approval. Domain is optimized specially for Google adsense. When approved ads comes to your website, Google analyze the set of criteria to comply with your website. When Google found a website not suited for set of criteria, automatically you will get banned by Google.

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Listed Your Website Blocked Permanently

With the set of criteria compiles your website and ban you. It’s completely wastes, once Google block listed your domain. Reinstating your Google adsense it merely difficult task. To avoid this problems please say “NO” to third party Google adsense.

No Money Back Gaurenteed 

Third party announce money back gaurentee and may not. If your account is banned, there is no way to get your money back! How can they gaurentee for adsense? And who are they to give a gaurentee? If your account is banned it’s your mistakes, if third party provides an approved account, and it’s your mistake to run google ads on non affiliated website for Google adsense. So Avoid Buying Google Adsense From Third Party.

How Third Party Works

  • Using different websites to get approved

If third party sells adsense for more then $50 they use different domain or buy a new domain for adsense. Finally they sell ads to you and domain to another.

  • Using same website by verifying ownership code.

Using this method, seller use same website for multiple adsense account. If seller verifies ownership for another adsense account, previous adsense will be banned if ads runs non affiliated adsense website.

  • Using Bloggers sub domain

Mostly adsense approved for top level domain. when sub domain has expirenced six month, Google approves adsense for sub domain. By this method they sell ads.


  • Your domain will be blocked from Google adsense.
  • You can’t use your own permanent address for Google adsense anymore.
  • You can’t replace your content from existing website to new website(Duplicate Content)

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Adsense Account Transfer Is Prohibited. Avoid Buying Google Adsense From Third Party


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