3 Reason Why WordPress is Blogger’s First Choice

 Why WordPress is Blogger’s First Choice?


It may be shocking but every other blog is powered by wordpress. I have personally experienced various “Yet Another WordPress Blog” and WordPress is often referred as Blogger’s best friend. Best friend , yeah because it is the best blogging script ever and its ease and customization makes it the Blogger’s first choice.

There are numerous blogging CMS to choose from but majority of the blogs are powered by WordPress. The reason being WordPress easy to understand, customizable and user friendly. Google has great powers and it does hook and crook for the promotion and development of Blogger but still people love WordPress.


WordPress is Blogger’s First Choice

The “YET ANOTHER WORDPRESS BLOG” theory is lovable . WordPress is a big hit and even if you pay me to switch to blogger I would prefer WordPress over it . Not only me but most of the bloggers will. If you’re a blogger who has not yet experienced WordPress, you are missing the fun of blogging. Blogging is ease and leisure with WordPress.


What Makes WordPress a Blogger’s First Choice?

Ease and User Friendly : First time I got on WordPress, it just took me 10 minutes to install it and 5 minutes to learn it functionality and add a month to know its real power. The dashboard and layout is so user friendly even a 5 year old kiddo can understand it well within a few minutes and start up with the blog. The ease makes WordPress stand out of the crowd of the various CMS and that is what makes it loved by all.

Highly Customisable : WordPress is highly customizable.  We can go crazy with the real power of WordPress with a wide ranging of functionality and customization it can show. It has become a e-commerce, forum, live platform and much more that too within a short span of time. Wide ranging themes make each WordPress blog look different and variety of options to customize impress the readers as well as the bloggers.

Connect : The best thing about WordPress is the connect it offers. WordPress has open theme and plugin directory so that it can benefit coders as well as the authors. The hell loads of functionality is just a button called “Activate Plugin” far. From sidebar to main post, everything can be inserted, customized and managed with a variety of plugins.

(Last but not the Least) People : It’s the people that make a product go viral. Being a great cms, people love to work on WordPress and find new things on it. Numerous wordpress plugins and themes are released daily. Bloggers love WordPress because it’s comfortable to use and suits the criteria of each and every blogger’s mindset.

I am great fan of WordPress and it’s community. Are you in Love with the WORDPRESS?

Just Comment your Experience…

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