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In today’s internet Facebook is a big name for all the people across the globe no matter what they do. Facebook had given a platform to communicate among friends, communicate with business representatives as well as e-commerce and advertising. Today, a page for every big company can be found in Facebook. Not only company, fan pages for celebrities, sports person and other famous personalities are found here. Each famous personality has many fan pages in Facebook. Although there don’t seems a big reason for the famous personalities to make a fan page,  there is a big reason for already established business and emerging business to make their page on Facebook.

The whole idea of Facebook revolves around the famous “like” button. People from all over the world post various things on Facebook. The post includes own custom status, image, video and pages from other websites. The people who are already connected to this person, or are subscribed to the public posts of this person will get a notification about this post in their wall. If these connected and subscribed people again in turn “like” and re-share the post then this post will appear in the wall of people who are connected and subscribed with them. In this way, a simple post can be spread among a large group of people in a very short time.

This is the case of a simple post created by a normal Facebook individual. These days, almost all of the websites had included the like button in almost all of the pages of their site. Visitors as well as their own site members frequently press the like button upon which the link to that page as well as first few words of the page will be displayed in the walls of the “liker”, as well as its friends and subscribers. The more friends the liker has, the more is the page spread all over Facebook. So, the like button of Facebook had given a great chance to the business organizations to spread the name their name in the whole Facebook world in a very short time.

Along with the powerful like button, Facebook also offers organizations to advertise products in the side bar of a person’s profile. The advertisement is based on the activities and interest of a person. This is guessed by the likes and interests of a person and is usually stored as a cookie in the server.

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